Fibercement Nedir?

What is Fibercement ?

Fibercement is used in both interior as well as exterior cladding, while protecting against possible damages from weather and pleasing to the eye.
Fibercement plates are ready for implementation which cement-based products and pressed with glass-fiber reinforcements for elasticity.
Two varieties are available, including coated surface and painted dough.
Painted products are produced by mixing the desired color pigments into the dough during production.
Coated surface products are produced by treatment with synthetic resin and color or pattern pressed sheets and finally completed with UV protection filter coating.

Why Fibercement ?

Fibercement are preferred for techinical advantages and decorative appearance.
Fibercemet has resistant to fire and every season conditions.

Other than that, it does not contain/produce harmful substances and also antibacterial and waterproofing. Other main reasons are absence of change in colour, fading and blistering.
Fibercement prevents damage from external factors, when used in exterior and also application models play directly positive role on heat and sound insulation.
Fibercement has functional reasons for indoors, such as dividing the area and visual purpose. On the other hand, being antibacerial is recommended for health care institutions such as hospitals and pharmacies.



Fiberty is a result of the collaboration of experts in different fields. Macro molecules material engineers,
color experts and, most importantly, the contributions of our customers.
The product can be easily applied on the inner and outer surfaces. Clean, comfortable and secure Fiberty products have perfect surface coating performance both indoors and outdoors.

Main Uses In; :

  • Skyscrapers
  • Hospitals
  • Metro and Tunnels
  • Shopping Mall
  • Residential restorations
  • Indoor surface design
  • Workplaces and villas
  • Wet volume (in bathrooms and kitchens) and so on.