Our company, which was established in Istanbul with the cooperation of specialized companies in their respective fields in the construction, engineering and consultancy sectors in order to meet the need of technological, quality and affordable products in the market of existing exterior and interior wall covering products, we have established Batman, Ankara and İzmir branches It has opened.
It has come up with high demands in a very short time because it offers the best quality and the best product market in its own product group. In 2017, we are planning to build our own factory for the production of Fiberty products.

Take the road with us to do your best.


To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by constantly improving our product and service quality.
Fiberty aims to offer alternative solutions to every user with surface coating products. Thanks to its unique surface designs, architects are now aiming to provide quality services for designers without any limits on their imagination.


By ensuring the right choice of materials on the buildings, ensure that the buildings stay healthy for long years like the first day.
Our company aims to be a trustworthy and respectable organization of Turkey which continuously develops its own methods and increases the efficiency and efficiency of its market in its field of activity and makes industry pioneer.